Fun Time Moms is the love child of Ashley’s former website, IAMSUPERGORGE.com. Weekly she blogged on her marriage and motherhood, in her segments  Mommy Monday, Marriage Mondays and Married With Children.

In 2017 Ashley threw her girlfriends who are moms a pre Mother’s Day brunch where #FuntimeMoms was born.

Fun Time Moms is for mothers who still enjoy their own lives after  motherhood. Somewhere between PTA meetings, Soccer practice and playdates , Fun Time Moms still find a way to be  sexy, fun and  have a good time. We know that picking up pizza for dinner twice in a week, doesn’t make you a bad mom and only serving gluten free, vegan snacks doesn’t make you a great one either.

None of us have it all figured. Stay at home moms, working moms, single moms, married moms, moms of multiples, adoptive moms, step moms, none of us have it easy. Motherhood is a BITCH. You deserve a break from time to time , a drink or 5, a night out with your girls or significant other and a safe place to laugh about all the wild relatable shit that comes along with being a mom.

We won’t judge your parenting….. yes we will and we will judge our own, because none of us are perfect. We’re not regular moms, we’re FUN TIME MOMS!!