The ladies jump straight into Fun Time Mom & Dad because this deserved some time this week since we all just found out that thee billionaire superstar and Captain of the Navy, RIHANNA is expecting her 1st baby while Nick “Super Sperm” Cannon announced his 23rd soon come or cum (yikes). But Nick ain’t the only one Wild ‘N Out because Fun Time Kid Shawn is testing the waters yet again and even has a new hustle which you won’t believe. Ashley reveals during Playtime is Over that she was recently called aggressive and to the ladies surprise Fun Time Eddie agrees and throws Alicia in too. While the Fun Time Moms being aggressive is debatable, it’s pretty clear that one mom discussed during Who Raised You definitely fits the description because she threatened to bring ALL her guns to school over masks!

Come hang with the Fun Time Moms this Friday 2/11:
Fun Time Moms Ditch Day