It’s episode 10 and it’s Christmas time too so it’s only right that the #funtimemoms drank 10 drinks to get real Merry right before recording this episode. Okay, maybe it wasn’t fully intentional but bear with us as we get through our Martini Meter stories of bed bugs (yuck!), the infamous room number 416, and knocking on doors before knocking out somebody’s kid. We also discuss some of the worst Christmas gifts received, share some of our favorite holiday songs, and dissect the holiday controversial classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” which we think seems a little Pill Cosby-ish. 

This is our last episode of the year, we’ll be back on January 7th. Thanks for all the love and support on our first 10 episodes and we wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We’re not regular moms. We’re FUN TIME MOMS!!!

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