This week things are heating up in Smoo’s sex ed class as he continues giving the big penis energy we heard about last week and shares that he thought babies came out of buttholes. Speaking of energy and buttholes, Shawn tried to ruin Alicia’s energy before her job interview by being a butthole in school. And remember that ridiculous story about Mr. Take Off Dem Draws with twin baby mothers? Well, it seems Alicia was wrong about it being fake news and they have a clip of them talking about the sibling cousin situationship which one of our listeners can relate all too well to as she sent a Direct Mommy Message about sisters in her family who also share a baby daddy.  In other messy news, the 6 degrees of Kardashians gets even more stickier with news about who Tyga’s ex-wife happens to be and then the ladies turn the conversation for a more serious tone as they discuss new abortions bills like the ban in Alabama that are affecting women’s right to choose. They also share some heartbreaking Who Raised You stories one of which is a Womb Raider murder and caution women to be more careful.

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