One of the #funtimemoms kids punishes themselves this week, another one has yet another weird ailment (maybe two if you count their Fortnite addiction), and one is actually featured on this episode because they insisted on making a special announcement. The #funtimemoms also discuss balancing motherhood and wifely duties after having a new baby as they reply to the Direct Mommy Message of the week, reasons why a known rapper might not be giving up the wood to his babymomma, and the cup runneth over this week with Who Raised You stories but your Starbucks cup may not CUM this January.  Also, listen to find out about the 12 Days of Christmas with the Fun Time Moms and how you can get some Fun Time Moms Merchandise Very Soon!

Grab a glass or 10 of your favorite “adult juice” and enjoy conversations of relatable mom shit with your new besties and remember, We’re not regular moms. We’re FUN TIME MOMS!!!

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