S2, EPISODE 3: pH BALANCE w/@thefunnymomma

An episode full of fun and lots of funnies as the #FunTimeMoms are joined by #TheFunnyMomma Katryce Pedro. Ashley’s prowl for a nearby mom friend may be over now that she’s found Katryce. Ashley thinks they’re meant to be but Katryce thinks she is messing up her pH balance and Alicia doesn’t care about anything but her own feet. The ladies bond over their love for Halloween and Katryce who’s half Mexican shares how her family celebrates Day of the Dead. The ladies also talk marriages, divorces, annoying kids, dumb kids, hysterectomies, the “Homework Demon”, and Mom Proms! If you love this episode, you can catch up with the trio again at the ultimate Mom’s night out, Fete Posh which is a Prom for Moms happening in the DMV area.

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