A touching Direct Mommy Message about a Mom trying to find her tribe again after dealing with childhood cancer has the ladies address friendship expectations or lack thereof. If questioning friendships isn’t enough, the ladies discuss lots of stories that will make you question society; like that of a missing pregnant woman from Baltimore, Akia Eggleston, who went missing 2 years ago at 8 months pregnant. What if you woke up to someone bathing your baby? What if you found out your 11 year old was a daddy? What if you found out your grandma was in a fightclub down at the nursing home? What if you called a bitch, a bitch and got arrested? Yeah, the discussions are wild this week. The ladies also provide warning signs to domestic violence, discuss breast cancer awareness, and provide some trick or treat warnings as some sex offenders are in their bag about signs in their yard.

In this episode we share details about Akia Eggleston who was last seen in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area May 3, 2017. She may have also been seen near her home in the Cherry Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. There is a $25,000 reward for tips about her disappearance. Contact Baltimore City Police Department 410-396-2499 or FBI’s Baltimore Field Office 410-265-8080

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