And the word of the day kids is GRATITUDE! Just in time for Thanksgiving, the ladies kick off the show by reflecting and sharing what they’re grateful for. But gratitude is in the eye of the beholder and the ladies discuss some stories that are sure to make you go ummm, like actor Michael Beach and his wife sharing how grateful they are for his live in ex-wife that helps raise their kids (as in the new wife’s babies). This leads into a discussion about whether a husband would allow his wife to do the same. The ladies also crown two Fun Time Dads of the week. One who was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive leaving the ladies wondering how they defined the term “alive” while the other has them changing the term “unbothered” to his name because clearly this man has an ice box where his heart use to be (pun intended) when it comes to dealing with his messy “Babymomma Boyband” drama. Listen to find out who they are plus catch-up on Shawn being back at his shenanigans and his plan to level up his lightskin  while Smoo is feeling himself and spitting SMOOthest lines to the middle school girls.

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